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providing a certified
training program
 for teacher trainees of diverse mother tongues to
teach English.

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we learn.
we teach.
we educate.

About Us


We recruit mother-tongue teaching trainees who will enter our TEFL teacher training programme. The well-rounded three-month long course includes sessions on leadership, classroom management and teaching techniques as well as live teaching practice, group discussions and regular 1:1 feedback meetings. 

After completing the programme, our teachers will be ready to start teaching their own English language classes. 


With our TEFL teacher training for mother-tongue teachers we want to offer a certified programme that fosters community-led teaching and establishes a teaching team that is reflective of the students they are teaching.

Offering a training programme that is focused on TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is not only providing the opportunity to establish language training within the communities of our mother-tongue teachers, but also gain professional experience for further employment opportunities.


We are looking for eager teacher trainees with refugee backgrounds who are interested in gaining an internationally recognised TEFL certification. The programme will enable them to confidently and successfully teach students within their community as well as professionally develop their language teaching skills. 


We have chosen Athens as our location as it is a landing spot for students of diverse backgrounds and mother tongues.

Therefore, teachers who share the same language are desperately needed to ensure a successful and qualitative learning experience for students. 

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