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creating and delivering
high-quality training
and capacity-building programs for and with individuals with lived experience of displacement and migration.

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we learn.
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we educate.

About Us


We provide a range of tailored programs designed in collaboration with individuals with lived experience of displacement and migration. Our comprehensive programs encompass specialized language teacher training, transferable skills development (including leadership, communication, and cultural awareness), and capacity-building sessions (such as trauma-informed practice and support for onboarding community teachers). Upon completing our programs, our graduates leverage their newly acquired skills across various professional and educational settings.


Through our diverse training programs, we aim to provide certified education, promote community-led teaching that resonates with the student community, offer opportunities for personal and professional growth, and facilitate community-driven capacity building.


We collaborate with talented, motivated, and dedicated individuals with lived experience of displacement or migration. Our participants are eager to earn certified qualifications, champion community-led education, enhance their transferable skills, and collectively bolster capacity-building efforts both within and beyond their communities.


Our programs are primarily conducted in Greece, with the majority taking place in Athens. We provide a flexible blend of in-person and online training sessions, tailored to accommodate the specific needs and preferences of our participants.

Our Programs

our programs

TEFL Master Certificate

Our Masters Certificate takes place over the course of 3 months. Certified TEFL Teacher Training Programme Our comprehensive TEFL Teacher Training Programme equips participants with the essential skills to teach English as a Foreign Language, both within their communities and beyond.

TEFL Basic Certificate

Our Basic Certificate takes the core fundimentals from the Masters Certificate and streamlines them into the necessary skills  to suit that of a teaching assistant.

Capacity Building

the programme offers customized, context-specific training for educational organizations working with individuals with lived experience of displacement. The training includes:

  • Online workshops (e.g., Trauma-Informed Practice in the Classroom, Onboarding of Community Teachers)

  • In-person training sessions for staff and volunteers

  • Collaborative meetings and meet-ups to foster community and knowledge sharing.

EduConnect: TransferableSkills

EduConnect is a holistic program focusing on the development of both professional and personal skills. It encompasses a range of sessions, including:

  • Leadership

  • Collaboration

  • Learning Development

  • Cultural Awareness - the module is tailored for a range of ages

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Our Past and Present


The particpants of our current cohort are currently going through their asylum process and are living in camps around Athens. Therefore, being in the unique position of using their acquired skills to widen the educational provision within those settings.







* for the purpose of safeguarding those that are currently going through their asylum process we have only included first names and no pictures.

our alumni

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Come meet our extremely talented alumni

Our Team

our coordinators

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